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Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2:21-22 Given by Deacon Kenny McCallister, Jr. Who is our Example? What example are we to the world around us?

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Forgotten Gospel pt 3

Jason Diehl shares a message of how Jesus can set us free from Guilt and Shame. This is part 3 of a series teaching about the suffering of Christ and how we can be truly free from sin, and not just completing a cycle of sin and forgiveness.

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The Forgotten Gospel pt 2

This is the second part of the Forgotten Gospel message. In this message we dive deeper into the roots of sin, and how to replace those roots with the roots of Christ saving grace. Christ related to every single one of us through the suffering that he endured. Learn how to apply this in your…

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The Forgotten Gospel

A message that includes a personal testimony. A message about forgiveness, healing, and the plan that Christ put into place to allow it all to happen. Hebrews 4:15,16 has a very important message. The question is not IF we are broken, the question is HOW are we broken. Jesus related to every single one of…

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Eden: The Fall and the Nature of Sin

Throughout history, the human race has told stories of superheroes. We seem to instinctively know we need one. The first “villain” comes into the Creation story. The devil, speaking through the serpent, lies about reality in a way that convinces the first humans to believe him. In the shame, fear, instinct to cover and hide,…

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God can turn a mess into a Message

Lisa Rollings shares her testimony with the Pauls Valley Church. From birth it seemed that the devil had put seemingly impossible obstacles in Lisa’s path. Over the course of a long history of a wide range of experimentations, she finally finds her way back to God. You do not want to miss this heart breaking…

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Over the last week Tony has been helping his parents move, and cleaning up old storage of his own. It brought him to this particular message about downsizing. Are we really content with our lives as Christians? Do we really know what contentment is? As Tony found out just how much junk he was holding…

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What a Difference a Relationship Makes

We are all familiar of the story of David and Goliath, mostly because David being the smaller weaker one overcame the more experienced larger opponent. Looking closer at the story and at a slightly different angle we can see this is a story of complete victory over sin. David being so full of love for…

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