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Let Your Light Shine

Have you ever wondered, What is our purpose? What is it we are supposed to do? We read in Matthew 5:13 about being the salt of the earth. Interestingly in this time period salt was used for preserving, and we could apply this as preserving the Gospel. It says in the scripture that if the…

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Unveiling Bible Prophecy

This is pretty last minute for a blog entry, but it’s something that we have been working diligently to pull of these last few months. We are launching our Unveiling Bible Prophecy Seminar tonight at the church. We are really hoping to have a packed house of people ready to hear the word of God.…

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R&R not R&R

Revival and Reformation NOT Rest and Relaxation. Tony talks us through scripture that shows us now more than ever we need to be ever vigilant with revival and reformation, now is not the time to sit back and relax. He briefly touches on the Prophecy of 70 years, as we ultimately discover that our primary…

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Reaching Out

Preaching back in my home church in New Jersey I share how important it is for the church to come together and work as a team. Starting with the youth showing them they too can take part in the salvation of souls no matter how young or inexperienced they may be. Next the leadership roles…

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