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The Forgotten Gospel

A message that includes a personal testimony. A message about forgiveness, healing, and the plan that Christ put into place to allow it all to happen. Hebrews 4:15,16 has a very important message. The question is not IF we are broken, the question is HOW are we broken. Jesus related to every single one of…

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Letting God out of the Box

In this sermon, we investigate God’s character and the beginning of 2 religions: The correct view of God, and the wrong view of God. How did the fall impact humanities view of God’s character? Is trust in God something that can be restored?

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Eden: The Fall and the Nature of Sin

Throughout history, the human race has told stories of superheroes. We seem to instinctively know we need one. The first “villain” comes into the Creation story. The devil, speaking through the serpent, lies about reality in a way that convinces the first humans to believe him. In the shame, fear, instinct to cover and hide,…

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