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Lisa Rollings Testimonies

One of our most popular series of sermons is a testimony by our very own Lisa Rollings. This is a combination of two sermons that you really do not want to miss out on. As I write this I think back to some of my own experiences and actions in my own dark past, but…

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The Story’s Not Over Yet – Lisa Rollings

Lisa Rollings – Guest Speaker, says that she experienced a lot of trials and tribulation the that Lord helped her overcome. He helps all of us when we come to him. “I had a lot of death and I needed some life in me.” Lisa shares the final piece of her testimony. The path that…

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God can turn a mess into a Message

Lisa Rollings shares her testimony with the Pauls Valley Church. From birth it seemed that the devil had put seemingly impossible obstacles in Lisa’s path. Over the course of a long history of a wide range of experimentations, she finally finds her way back to God. You do not want to miss this heart breaking…

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My Testimony

Anthony Ponterio, Jr’s Testimony and how he found the Truth. Tony reveals the path his life took, from growing up as a ‘Catholic’ that didn’t go to church and even signing up for the military. Those options weren’t what God had in mind for him. After spending some time sowing his oats and learning the…

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