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Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2:21-22 Given by Deacon Kenny McCallister, Jr. Who is our Example? What example are we to the world around us?

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Standing in the Gap

Standing in the Gap is a message about intercessory prayer. How praying for those around you is critical to God’s plan. Pastor Delthony Gordon relates the story of Moses interceding for Israel even when they didn’t “want” to be prayed for. This powerful message is sure to change how you view prayer for others.

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Power of Prayer

This was the opening devotional given by Rich Constantinescu. He shares how God revealed to him the power of prayer in his life, and teaches the importance of turning to our heavenly Father.

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Nicodemus In Night Class

Guest Speaker Delthony Gordon. Elder Gordon shares with us part 4 of his sermon series entitled “Our Greatest Need”. In this series we investigate the greatest need of our Christian Walk, the need for the Holy Spirit.

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Proof of God? Do we need Proof of God? What about the proof of how far God will go? Proof of God is everywhere. We can find proof of God when there are good times, can we find proof of God when we have bad times? When we are exhausted, bleeding, beat down. By Rodney…

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Give Me The Bible

Rodney Phillips shares some touching stories that built his faith in the Bible. The Bible is full of potentially life changing advice, what is it that you trust in your life?

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Water Please

Rodney Phillips shares a message about the importance of Water. How important is water for our life? Did you realize how little dehydrated you need to be before you start suffering the effects? Does this relate to our spiritual lives?

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