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Angels in the Sanctuary

How are Angels represented in the Sanctuary? In this message we take a look at how angels are shown to us throughout the Sanctuary service as well as what the angels jobs are. We look at the number and organization of the angels.

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Eden: The Fall and the Nature of Sin

Throughout history, the human race has told stories of superheroes. We seem to instinctively know we need one. The first “villain” comes into the Creation story. The devil, speaking through the serpent, lies about reality in a way that convinces the first humans to believe him. In the shame, fear, instinct to cover and hide,…

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Lessons from the Cross

Rodney Phillips joins us from Clarion Broadcasting to share a message with us entitled “Lessons from the Cross”, it’s more than just forgiveness. Rodney shares with a message starting with the war in Heaven through Christ on the cross to share 4 very valid points for us as lessons we need to keep close to…

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The Great Controversy Continues…

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 5:6-11 We are fighting agains demons, it’s not a war of flesh. Put your trust in God, be vigilant, the devil is seeking to devour. Jesus never says it’s an easy walk. It’s a walk full of trials, that he will help us with if we ask for his help. Hold…

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