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Posts by Jason Diehl

The Silence of God

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:28 Where is God when it hurts. We spend some time investigating 3 key stories from the Bible that help us to understand the passage of Romans 8:28 and how it is true from a Biblical Perspective.

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Life and Death

Life and Death in the Sanctuary. What does the Sanctuary say about Life and Death? We take a quick look at the Bible understanding of life and death, what happens when we die. Do we all have immortality? There is a very important thing to understand about how the Bible teaches us in regards to…

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Angels in the Sanctuary

How are Angels represented in the Sanctuary? In this message we take a look at how angels are shown to us throughout the Sanctuary service as well as what the angels jobs are. We look at the number and organization of the angels.

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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary. This is a critical piece of the Old and New Testament. It is critical because without it we cannot understand Hebrews, Psalms, or Revelation. So many lessons, and so many doctrines are presented in the Sanctuary, as the Sanctuary is a shadow of the true Heavenly Sanctuary. Join us on this introduction to…

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Forgotten Gospel pt 3

Jason Diehl shares a message of how Jesus can set us free from Guilt and Shame. This is part 3 of a series teaching about the suffering of Christ and how we can be truly free from sin, and not just completing a cycle of sin and forgiveness.

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The Forgotten Gospel pt 2

This is the second part of the Forgotten Gospel message. In this message we dive deeper into the roots of sin, and how to replace those roots with the roots of Christ saving grace. Christ related to every single one of us through the suffering that he endured. Learn how to apply this in your…

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The Forgotten Gospel

A message that includes a personal testimony. A message about forgiveness, healing, and the plan that Christ put into place to allow it all to happen. Hebrews 4:15,16 has a very important message. The question is not IF we are broken, the question is HOW are we broken. Jesus related to every single one of…

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Vital Prayer: Pavel Goia

Today for church service we watch the first in a series called Vital Prayer by Pastor Pavel Goia. Pastor Goia is a leader when it comes to talking about prayer. Below we’ve linked to all of his sermons in the Vital Prayer series that we were able to find: Vital Prayers 01: To Know Christ…

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