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The Silence of God

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:28 Where is God when it hurts. We spend some time investigating 3 key stories from the Bible that help us to understand the passage of Romans 8:28 and how it is true from a Biblical Perspective.

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Kingdoms of this World

Scripture Reading: Revelation 11:15 Pastor Rich brings a message about the Kingdoms of this World and what is the final outcome of those Kingdoms. Are you preparing yourself by keeping your mind on heavenly things?

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Practical Worship

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:16 Pastor Rich Constantinescu investigates practical worship and what it looks like. “Ask not what your church can do for you, but ask what God can do through you for your church.”

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Ten Panels

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 58:12-14 Pastor Rich investigates what it takes to keep a goat in a fence, and applies this analogy to our lives. What can we use to help us stay obedient? Speaker: Pastor Rich Constantinescu

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Standing in the Gap

Standing in the Gap is a message about intercessory prayer. How praying for those around you is critical to God’s plan. Pastor Delthony Gordon relates the story of Moses interceding for Israel even when they didn’t “want” to be prayed for. This powerful message is sure to change how you view prayer for others.

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